How to Participate

How to Participate

Although it is no longer a formal program, NatureMapping can be done by anyone willing to take the time to learn about wildlife identification and able to spend time outdoors recording what they see. Students, teachers, retired people, business groups, bird watchers, outdoor enthusiasts and community activists have all participated in the NatureMapping Program. Some people seek a one-time event like a bioblitz, others want to observe and record during their weekend hikes, and the very motivated sign-up for a longer term monitoring project.

Here are a few examples of NatureMapping Projects to give you some ideas for your own projects:

Educators: Use online resources
Activities, Fact Sheets, and more


NatureMapping Program


Leapin' Lizards!:
Students as Data Collectors

A NatureMapping Project featured by the The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Toad Tracking

Through their work in a NatureMapping field project, fourth-grade students from Waterville Elementary School hone their reading, writing, and math skills while making meaningful contributions to science.
Read the story | Watch the toad tracking video


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